Upholstery Clean & Protect System - Upholstery Fiber Guard
An upholstery protection system specially formulated to offer a dirt-resistance and water-repellent protection for the car’s upholstery. This upholstery protection allows easy clean up for liquid spills while enhancing the upholstery’s life span. Suitable for fabric, leather and vinyl upholstery.

Product Features

  • Resin-based formula
  • Protective film wrap around each individual upholstery cloth fiber
  • Hydrophobic properties
  • Dirt repelling capabilities

Service Benefits

  • Maintains the appearance of upholstery even after liquid spills such as soft drinks, coffee or tea
  • Reduces dirt penetration, keeping your upholstery looking new
  • Retains the upholstery’s natural texture resulting in a clean and unsullied appearance
  • Enhances life-span of any fabric, leather and vinyl upholstery

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