V-KOOL Tattoo®

Tattoo is seen as a body art used to express an individual’s personalities and beliefs and to embellish the beauty of the body contours. This expressive art is now advancing to its next level by V-KOOL®.

The world’s first-ever known car window film tattoo with fine brand motifs often associated with premium products, V-KOOL tattoo® is incorporated with top performing heat reflecting coating that rejects up to 98% of the sun’s infra-red heat, 99% UV rays and contributes extensively to CO2 reduction.

The renowned V-KOOL® advanced climate coating is now glazed with aesthetic tattoo designs which have clear spaces between and within the prints to allow for vision that will meet light transmission requirements.

The V-KOOL tattoo® series consists of Animals, Tribal, Celtic, Insignia and Alternative designs, each exhibiting its unique expressions and meanings. It can be retrofitted as an anti-glare strip, for sidelite and rear windscreen application. The retrofit application enables car owners to easily change the designs accordingly to their preferences.

Every car owners can now individualize his car and enjoy a fashionable tattoo design on his window glass and cooler car interior while contributing to environmental protection at the same time!

Please download our V-KOOL tattoo® brochure for more information.