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The core of V-KOOL’s infra-red rejection performance is its XIR® Technology, a proprietary high-tech sputtering process developed in Silicon Valley, USA and implemented in Dresden, Germany.

Reflect, not absorb

When compared to conventional window films, V-KOOL’s superior heat rejection performance is obviously felt because dyed and ceramic films absorb infra-red heat and make glass hot whereas V-KOOL Solitaire Series films possess infra-red heat reflection capabilities that help to keep both the glass and interior of your car at a more comfortable temperature.

In an independent test, V-KOOL helps keep a car interior surface cooler by up to 9.6°C#.

#Results obtained from in-car temperature tests conducted by Advanced Materials Technology Centre, Singapore Polytechnic, between 05 to 23 March 2018. (Report No: PC 20180404-01R dated 4 April 2018). Thermistor Probe Sensors were deployed to measure the difference in the surface temperature of the dashboard of a car that had V-KOOL VK70 & V30 films versus a similar car without any window film. The results showed between 5.3°C to 9.6°C difference.

Sputtered with Gold

V-KOOL has spent over 20 years refining and perfecting the art of highly sophisticated and expensive sputtering technology for advanced window films. V-KOOL’s top-of-line series are sputtered with precious metals such as gold and silver to help protect you against harmful sun radiation.

Dresden, Germany

Dresden, Germany is the home of our ISO-9001 certified V-KOOL solar control film manufacturing plant, one of a select few in the world. There, our processes deliver window films with a refined combination of quality, craftsmanship and high-tech engineering.